Vinyl Underlayment

  • Moisture protection
  • Mildew & mould resistant
  • Long-term structural performance
  • Insulates cold floors
  • Acoustic barrier reduces noise levels
  • Vapour protection barrier attached
  • 100% recyclable *non-toxic* non-allergenic
  • 1.5mm thick
  • High density 180kg/m cubed cross-link
  • Polypropylene foam
  • Phlalates free – Tested safe for homes



  1. Prepare the subfloor for the flooring installation, ensure it is dry and flat.
  2. Unroll and place Moccasin underlayment with black textured side down, this acts as the moisture barrier.
  3. Trim and cut to follow the perimeter of the room to create a smooth continuous membrane.
  4. You are ready to install your vinyl floor


Q: Can I install this vinyl underlay with products which has underlay attached to it?
A: There are a variety kind of vinyl flooring in the market. Some brands will allow to have this an extra underlay and some not, always look at the manufacturer’s instruction for that. if you need help to find vinyl flooring to accept this underlay please reach out to us +1 778 707 1730 or through contact us form.

Q: Do my strata accept this rating?
A: The strata specification for underlay will vary based on the city you live. Most of the strata accept these rating in metro Vancouver area.

Q: Do I need to install vapour barrier with this underlay?
A: No, the vapour protection barrier attached in this underlay.

Q: Can you deliver this to our home?
A: Yes, we can and the extra charge for this will apply.

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