Moisture Vapour Barrier

  • For use over concrete or wood sub-floor imperfections.
  • light weight ,good flexibility,and cushioning
  • Increased moisture barrier strength.
  • High foaming and excellent waterproof function.
  • Easy installation.
  • Mold and mildew resistant / non allergenic.
  • 100% sealed chamber,good sound-absorbing, Noise prevention.
  • 3mm thickness with blue Lip and Tape with a film on one side.
  • 200 sq². ft/roll.



  1. The sub-floor must be level, dry and clean.
  2. From the room corner start to roll-out the underlay, vapour barrier side downwards; allowing the pad to run up the exterior walls 1/2″.
  3. Roll out the second row of underlay along-side the first.
  4. Be sure the edges of rows are aligned together as tightly as possible without over-lapping.
  5. Repeat steps until installation is complete.


Q: Can I install this in a condo?
A: This underlay only works as a vapour barrier. It does not work as a barrier for sound and impact transmission. Most of the condos require to have an underlay that has IIC and STC rating.

Q: Where can I use this underlay?
A: It can be used for any floating floors where the transmission rating is not necessary.

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