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What is the flooring?

Any type of construction operation that is done on the natural surface or on the floor of the building in order to give space function is called flooring.

It is an important part of the building, and even outside it. Because it not only encompasses the interior of a building such as rooms, hallways, toilets, kitchens and even terraces, but also the floor of sidewalks, and sports grounds.

The purpose of it is to create a surface that can be used by the users of the building, a surface that is certified to safety and building standards. Depending on the use of the floor, its material and design of flooring also vary.

An important characteristic of flooring is its stability and durability. Resistant to moisture penetration is the other major feature of it. Other properties of it include resistance to heat and sound, as well as resistance to fire.

For any space to have its own efficiency, special flooring of that area is a must. Therefore, the choice of its types depends on the 2 main factors:

The location and performance of that location.

In places where the heavy types of equipment are there, the strength and stability of it will be more important. In flooring of underground or sanitary facilities, moisture penetration is the main factor. Inside the buildings such as railway stations or offices, the durability of the floor should be much longer than in residential areas. On roofs, it is best to consider the influence of cold penetration and sound, as well as the influence of moisture. Finally, in places such as class and parking lots, the flooring resistance against fire or the impact of chemicals should be anticipated. For example, the way of the bathroom or kitchen is different from the basement flooring.

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