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Vinyl flooring has gained popularity at Metro Vancouver area in BC. Vinyl flooring use is growing in commercial, hospitality and residential spaces that’s because of durability. You can install vinyl flooring in any space and even in moisture content spaces. This product takes a large market share from laminate and ceramic tiles. Long ago laminate was the best option for mimicking hardwood and it was an economical choice. However, vinyl can offer that with even more benefits in terms of withstanding to water. There are so many vinyl flooring in Vancouver, so it’s better to do a due diligence before deciding to buy vinyl flooring. In terms of pricing, the vinyl is an affordable option compare to tiling and hardwood but its more expensive than laminate.

In order to understand more about this product, we will classify into three types in terms of installation methods which are floating, glue down, and loose lay. It is important to look into features of each type before making your decision to buy your vinyl floor.

Vinyl Glue down:

That is the most stable and durable type of installation. The glue will spread completely on the prepared substrate after that you will lay down the vinyl flooring. This is ideal for high traffic areas and commercial spaces. This method costs more and it requires an adhesive for the installation, and it is more permanent and secure compare to loose lay method.

Vinyl Flooring Loose lay:

In this method you don’t need fully adhesive or locking mechanism, adhesive is only applied to the perimeter of the space you are installing. The backing of each plank grips the subfloor and that friction keeps the plank from moving. The advantage of this method is the easiness of replacing plank anywhere in the room. It’s not recommended for high traffic areas. Installation is similar to floating method.

Vinyl Flooring Floating:

This method is more affordable and easy compare to the other one. The planks are simply clicking together in order to create a floating floor. This method is a little more forgiving in terms of subfloor preparation. It can accept a little imperfection because the underlay is attached to each plank. It can be installed over the existing floor if the current floor is rigid and not floating.

At EverGreen City Floors, we will help you to choose the right vinyl flooring products and help you with the installation. We do serve Vancouver and all surrounding cities in metro Vancouver area. Please don’t hesitate to get a free estimate or contact us through +1778.707.1730

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