Flooring Repairs


Flooring repairs might be tricky because it’s hard to know whether the floor can be repaired or not until you get a consultation from expertise. Flooring repairs are really a good option when it’s possible because it will save you money however some repairs might be costly so its in your interest to opt for a new floor.

Our aim goal in flooring repair is to save you money as possible as we can. In the past, we had lots of satisfied clients who were happy with our service because they did not need to spend a fortune to redo the whole floor.

There are different kinds of repairs that we do generally:

  • Flooring scratches deep or shallow (surface damages)
  • Board damages either in the middle of the room or close to the perimeters.
  • Partial repair due to water damage.
  • Buckled flooring due to high moisture or leaks.
  • Cupped flooring.

If you have a floor repair which is not in the list, you can contact us for consultation on site to address your flooring issue.