Flooring Installation


Hardwood – Laminate – Vinyl – Carpet – Cork – Bamboo – Tile

There are so many different kinds of flooring installation in both residential and commercial, each of them has a unique method of flooring installation in order to obtain a professional results. Nowadays, DIY is so spread in flooring installation service because of the easiness of it, however not a single manufacturer recommends to do the installation by yourself because there certain points in the process that needs to be taken into consideration during the installation. So, we do always recommend to at least leave the installation part for the professionals in order to save money in the future.

Evergreen doesn’t compromise in quality of floors provide and install that’s why we work with suppliers who stand behind their products. In addition to that all installations are backed by a one year labour warranty.

There are two ways to help our clients, either taking care of a project from A to Z by supply and install flooring or if you have a flooring product we can help you with the installation. In flooring there are other complementary tasks which we are really good at such as subfloor preparation, removal and disposal of your existing floor, and baseboard moulding.

Our main goal is to save you time that’s why we bring samples to your door steps, this helps you get better idea of how the final floor will look like. At the same time we will be on site to address any questions or concerns you have regarding your flooring project.