Greenflow cork is a 100% natural cork product from Opus Floors Canada. Opus is a Canadian flooring company, and their mission is to make the lives of our community better.  Opus Greenflow series is an outstanding ecological material, able to retain CO2 to a considerable level. The Portuguese Cork Oak Tree – QUERCUS SUBER L – forests retain approx. 14 million tons of CO₂ yearly. Not a single tree is cut or damaged during the harvesting.Our Greenflow series floors are produced from 100% pure natural cork materials, from corks trees that are never cut down, meaning the cork trees will remain a carbon sink for their lifetime. This contributes for a negative carbon footprint, reducing global warming and improving the general sustainability of our planet. Opus is fully aware of the importance of protecting our environment, Opus Greenflow Cork series is one of the most sensible and ecological choice. Cork flooring is the most comfortable flooring under your feet by far and environmentally friendly because cork is a sustainable and renewable resource


Walking on our floors cannot be paralleled in terms of comfort. Greenflow Cork’s elasticity protects against walking impacts and relieves strain on your feet, joints and back.

Greenflow Cork’s natural thermal insulation properties make our floors pleasantly warm. They provide a warm and cozy floor temperature even for bare feet, as well as a high level of comfort all year round.


The unique structure of cork makes all our floors particularly quiet. Cork reduces sound transmission between and within rooms, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment in your home.


Indoor Air Quality
The surface finish on Opus Greenflow cork floors, prevents trapped dirt, dust, germs and mold, actively contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment.


Water resistant
Will not warp or buckle, even in submerged water based on tests according to EN.

Heavy density > 950kgs/m3 eliminates